Work and study in Canada!


Do you want to improve your English?

Studying and working abroad is the best way to (finally) learn English!

Why study in Canada?

Canada is a beautiful and culturally diverse country with a great education system and plenty of work opportunities, where you can meet people from all over the world while enjoying all kinds of exciting outdoor activities.

Do you want to work while learning English?

During your study program you can obtain Canadian work experience, earning money to pay for your expenses. Having a job can also help you if you plan to extend your stay in Canada.

We will be there to help you from start to finish!

We are expats living in Canada who have been through the process and will help guide you every step of the way.

Who we are

We are two travelers and adventurers who have been through all of the excitement and challenges of moving overseas and living in Canada, and we want to help people like you who are interested in doing the same. Petr is originally from Czech Republic, and has spent many years living abroad, most of the time in the USA and New Zealand before moving to Canada. In early 2019, he started helping people to work, study, and immigrate to Canada. In June 2022, Petr has finished his bachelor’s degree in Management at City University in Canada in Vancouver. In early 2022, czenadians had a new addition to the team. Simon, who is originally from France, has been living in Vancouver for a few years, where he has taken two College programs. Both Petr and Simon have their own experience with working, studying, and living in Canada. Therefore, they are your ideal choice to help you to achieve your goals in Canada.

What we can help you with


There are many options for studying English in Canada. You can study at College, University or at an English Language (ESL) School. We will help you decide what is right for you based on your goals.


Program Work and Study is a great investment for your future. You will gain Canadian education and work experience in your field. Having the right work experience makes you more attractive to Canadian employers and helps you in your career if you decide to extend your stay in Canada.


What Visas do you need to come to Canada? Which insurance companies do we recommend and how much will it cost? We will provide you with the information you need to answer these questions and more.